Our Team

Safeguard Maintenance Corporation believes that each individual member of our team is important in the success of our corporation as a whole. We train each and every one of our staff members thoroughly so that we are able to provide the best quality service. Our team is dedicated to providing expert environmentally friendly janitorial services to each and every facility that we maintain.

Safeguard Staff

Michael Hood
President, Chief Executive Officer, CSSO
Manuel Gavidia
Director of Commercial Operations
Lynda Balins
Sales and Capture Manager
Brenda Cotterino
Cindy Humbert
Accounting Assistant
Holly Hood
Facility Security Officer (FSO)
Tammy Rider
Human Resource Administrator
Andrew Gardner
Maintenance Manager

Secure Team

Safeguard Field Management
Faye Hamilton
Project Manager
Robin Griffith Sr.
Area Manager
Michael Muse Sr.
Area Manager
Amanda Bradbury
Project Manager - VA
Roni Rubio
Manager - VA
Joel Gonzalez
Area Manager
Steve Schrantz
Project Manager - Texas
Steve Schrantz
Manager - Texas

Commercial Team

Safeguard Field Management
Sue Bradbury
Area Manager
Lisa Smith
Area Manager
Angela Tomlinson
Project Manager
Burton Monroe
Area Manager
Eric Jones
Area Manager