In Loving Memory

Hugh Thomas (H.T) Brown was asked to join Safeguard Maintenance Corporation in 1982 by none other than his father, who happens to be the founder of this corporation. At the time, H.T Brown had just received his BA in Business Management and he was more than eager to put his knowledge to use. H.T mastered the cleaning business from the ground up, starting with getting his own hands dirty with cleaning facilities. With the guidance of his father, H.T Brown was able to expand and diversify Safeguard’s company base beyond just government facilities.

H.T Brown was the President of Safeguard Maintenance Corporation for over 20 years but was with the company for more than 30. Unfortunately, H.T Brown passed away April 15, 2018. Our team at Safeguard dedicates this page in his honor to thank him for all the hard work that he did over the years. H.T Brown paved the way for Safeguard to be successful, taking the knowledge that his father gave him and using it to make Safeguard bigger than they could have ever imagined.

H.T Brown valued hard work and not a day went by when he wasn’t putting in the necessary work for Safeguard’s success. He instilled the value of hard work and consistency into our janitorial staff, which is the reason we uphold such a reliable reputation in the industry to this day. Today, Safeguard services facilities spanning from Maryland all the way to Texas and this could not have been done without H.T Brown. We will continue to thank and honor our predecessor who helped shape Safeguard into the successful corporation that it is today.