Facilities Served

Safeguard Maintenance Corporation began with a focus on government facilities. This allowed us to acquire knowledge regarding strict security standards, making Safeguard a top choice for cleaning secure facilities. Since then, we have expanded and offer our expert janitorial services to a diverse customer base including secure facilities, commercial Class A buildings, government agencies, medical facilities, apartments, schools, and more. Safeguard understands that different types of facilities have their own unique needs and requirements. Our expertise allows us to provide environmentally friendly services to LEED certified facilities, ensuring that our products and services are environmentally friendly.

We provide:

  • Trained, Screened, Drug Tested, Uniformed & Badged Team
  • All managers and supervisors with cell phones
  • OSHA, HAZCOM, Blood Borne Pathogen Procedures Training
  • LEED Certified Cleaning Experience
  • Medical, Surgical & Terminal Cleaning Procedures
  • Quality Assurance Controls: Inspections, Reporting and Follow Procedures
  • 24 Hour Answering Service
  • Emergency Services