Get Results. Not Excuses.

Property owners and managers want results, not excuses. They have cleaning standards that must be met, on their time schedule, terms and budget. However, excuses are what you get if you don't contract with an experienced & competent janitorial service.

SAFEGUARD has cleaned, buffed, waxed, dusted, shined, polished, disposed and disinfected offices, lobbies, boardrooms, restrooms and common spaces since 1976. It's not rocket science; it's hard work done daily, year after year. Your tenants want a clean, safe and environmentally friendly commercial facility. SAFEGUARD provides expert janitorial care and maintenance of commercial facilities with thoroughly trained janitors & technicians using industry efficient equipment and cleaning supplies to get your facility cleaned and disinfected to your specifications, in your time frame and within your budget. You pay for results. Who has time for excuses?
  • Trained, Screened, Drug Tested, Uniformed & Badged Workforce.
  • Supervised, Managed and Transported. All Managers Equipped with PDA's.
  • OSHA, HAZCOM, Blood Borne Pathogen Procedures Training.
  • GS42 & SMC Green Cleaning Trained.
  • LEED Certified Cleaning Experience.
  • Medical, Surgical & Terminal Cleaning Procedures.
  • Quality Assurance Controls: Inspections, Reporting and Follow Procedures.
  • 24 Hour Answering Service.
  • Emergency Services for Fire, Flood, Septic Back-Up, and Facility Disinfection.