SAFEGUARD Maintenance Corporation was founded in 1976 by Hugh M. Brown. Drawing upon a background in aerospace and electronic government contracting, Mr. Brown envisioned building and marketing a janitorial services company specializing in government facility maintenance. Incorporating more advanced management and business philosophies than the cleaning industry norm of the mid '70's, SAFEGUARD's customized & cost effective cleaning plans quickly garnered a professional & reliable reputation based upon measurable results.

In 1982, Hugh Brown asked his son to join the business. Newly armed with a BA in Business Management and ambition, H.T. (Hugh Thomas) Brown was eager to jump right into the demanding intricacies of government contracting. However, before bidding & negotiating, he needed to master the cleaning business from the bottom up, which literally meant cleaning rest rooms and scrubbing floors in a Baltimore government office building. Under his father's tutorage, H.T. learned that a customer wants results and the only way is through hard work and a dedication to professional excellence...even if that excellence is in a well scrubbed and thoroughly sanitized rest room fixture.

Eager to expand the company and diversifying SAFEGUARD's customer base beyond government contracting, H.T. targeted large commercial facilities with janitorial needs as similar as the government customers. Now he needed to build a new division and staff it with capable and equally ambitious employees. Michael Hood was recruited and joined SAFEGUARD in 1997 as the commercial divisions' first operations manager. Together, HT & Michael built the commercial division into a leading janitorial service by expanding service lines including cleaning plans for LEED Certified facilities, Green Cleaning Plans, and medical cleaning specialty services.

New industry challenges appeared in the aftermath of 9/11. Logically, secure working environments emerged throughout government and commercial facility environments. By aligning SAFEGUARD's established capabilities & expertise with complex security requirements, SAFEGUARD quickly emerged as the preferred and logical choice for cleaning secure facilities.

Today, SAFEGUARD services facilities stretching from Maryland through South Carolina. It is the dedication of our firm and its employees, in consistently providing our customers with responsive, cost effective expert janitorial services which makes SAFEGUARD stand above the rest.

At a Glance

  • Locally owned & operated since 1976
  • Customized, Cost Effective Cleaning Plans
  • 35+ Years Cleaning Government, Commercial, Secure & LEED Certified Facilities
  • Reputable, Reliable & Affordable

H.T. Brown, President & CEO and Michael Hood, Vice President of SMC